How do we spread love? Free Hug Events!

We can spread love into the world through a simple interaction with a stranger. Love can ripple into the streets of all cities around the world, one hug at a time. At the inaugural event in Southern California strangers were pleasantly surprised and receptive to Free Hugs. In less than 3 hours, I shared over 200 hugs. It was a blissful and connected experience. I could see their eyes dance and glisten when they saw the “Free Hugs” sign and when they were hugged. I noticed the observers: their desire for the same joy and affection. Some of the strangers have not been embraced by another beautiful being for some time and this warmed their soul. This simple untethered kindness made some people’s day special. Drivers were even beckoning me to go and hug them at the red light.

Please join me to turn some frowns upside down! Next “Free Hugs Event” will take place October 1, 2016 in Orange County. If this doesn’t work for you or you are not local to Southern California, please join us for the National Hug Day on January 21, 2017.

Tiffany Hug
Sharing another Hug in Orange County
Sharing another Hug in Orange County